Ncloth as an active rigid body

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would make a quick post about a little problem I ran into and my solution. I wanted to parent a passive rigid body to a rigged character so that it would interact with an active rigid body pinned to the passive object. I found that as soon as i keyed the parent, the rotation of the last key would transfer to the passive rigid body offsetting it!.

It turns out this is a Maya bug and there is no direct solution. In the end I found an alternative: using ncloth. By setting the ncloth rigidity to “1”. and turning on the pressure attribute (so there is also a force blowing outwards help the ncloth keep its shape even more). I will post my settings once I have perfected them:) If anyone else has run into this active rigid body problem and has found a solution please let me know.


About shanemarksanim

3D artist from Cape Town, South Africa
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